Since 2002, Consulteam Group has entered a strategic alliance with MERCER, global leader in human resources consultancy, for the Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegru, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Macedonia markets.

We have been our clients’ long-term trusted partners for more than 10 years. Between 2002 and 2015, Consulteam has been in a strategic alliance with Mercer, having served the Romanian and The Balkans Markets.

In 2016, Consulteam has launged it's own organisational design platform, Fitted Performance Framework® (which inludes job grading & evaluation, positions' analysis, establishing and aligning competencies, career plan, etc.). The new platform and Consulteam's salary surveys reject the generalist appoach and are created exclusively for the local and regional markets, taking into account the emerging markets' specific trends and needs.

    • Salary surveys
    • Job evaluation
    • Consultancy for Compensation and Benefits policies
    • Audit and HR consultancy
    • HR strategies according to the company’s strategy, development needs and market positioning